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Fun-Key Aeroplane Models:

For more than 30 years leading in the industry, Fun-Key has been providing hobbyists the best products in the specialized remote controlled aircraft market such as FRP jets, airplanes, scale helicopter fuselages and carbon fiber helicopter rotor blades. All our products are of unsurpassed quality that provide modelers pure fun in enjoying their hobbies.

H-6766-3D 670mm 3D Main blades coming soon
H-4866-3D 480mm 3D Main blades are available
H-3666-3D 362mm 3D Main blades are available
H-8212 550size Hughes 500D
H-9575C 950mm Main Blades & H-1356 135mm Tail Blades are available

Video by: Wicharid Ridbumrung


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